Sod Caring after Installation

Right after the new sod is installed, client is fully responsible of the caring of the new sod. The client need to water it to keep it from drying up. For the first 2 weeks after the installation, you need to stay off your new lawn, keep it watered, and mow it properly (not before 2 - 3 weeks after installed, mow at 4 inches). A month after the installation, you need to water your lawn less often. 

What do you need to do directly after installation?

The day your new sod is installed is the day you need to begin caring for it. After installation, you need to water your new lawn thoroughly for about 2 to 3 weeks for 15 to 20 minutes 2 times a day, in the early morning (6 am) and at night (8 pm) . You should water about 6 inches down into your soil and your lawn should feel soggy when you walk on it. It is crucial to water your lawn deeply on the day it is installed; if you wait until the next day to water it, the sun could dry it up and damage your newly installed sod.

What if I forget or I don't have time to water the new sod?

In this case, you would have to consider installing an Irrigation System or a cheaper way to go would be to install a Portable Irrigation Timer. Otherwise, all the spending you made to have a beautiful lawn will be a waste of money.

What do I need to do for the first 2 weeks following installation?

Although it may look like you have a flawless, lush lawn, the grass is still very weak and will need time to establish a deep root system. The best thing to do during the first 2 weeks after your sod installation is to stay off of your lawn. A general rule is to stay off of your new sod until after the first mowing, which should occur 14 days following installation. This will prevent adding extra stressors to the roots of your grass while they are developing. During this time, you also need to keep your lawn moist throughout the day to further help your sod take root.

When do I need to cut my new lawn?

As you get closer to the 14-day mark, you should cut back on how often you are watering your new lawn. This will ensure that your soil is able to firm up before you mow. On the 14th day following the installation of your new sod, you can mow your lawn for the first time. It is important that you mow high. After you have properly mowed your lawn 2 weeks after installation, you can begin to use your lawn again.

Why am I seeing mushrooms in my new lawn?

In some cases you will see mushrooms growing in your lawn, most mushrooms that end up popping in new sod are not harmful but wouldn’t recommend touching it. If you would like to remove it, we recommend wearing gloves. 

What are the reasons for mushrooms to grow on the new lawn?

– A High Amount of Moisture in the Sod

Since mushrooms require a lot of moisture to grow, new sods installed under rainy or humid conditions can encourage mushrooms to pop up. In short, the higher the humidity, the more they would grow, because this is their significant medium to thrive in.

Additionally, overwatering or poor drainage in the surrounding area can contribute to excess moisture in the soil. This can lead to mushrooms showing up in lawns and gardens.

– Lack of Sunlight

Aside from moisture, mushrooms require a suitable growing environment that is shady and damp. When new sod is installed in areas that have limited sunlight exposure, they are more prone to humid and damp conditions that encourage mushroom growth. Shade from nearby plants and trees can also contribute to the lack of sunlight, causing mushrooms to grow.

If you have children or pets, they may be tempted to touch or eat them. Avoid contact with unknown mushrooms in your new sod. 

What else can I do to keep my new lawn looking healthy?

You need to do the aeration twice a year with some treatment. However, you won’t need to aerate your new sod for at least a year after it’s installed.

How does Aeration work?

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