What is Aeration Lawn Care?

Aeration is a treatment you provide to your lawn every 1 - 2 times a years, depending on your lawn. 

Aerator creates holes down into the soil to alleviate compaction so air, water and nutrients can reach grass roots.

Aerator machine pulls several cylinders soil of plugs 2 to 3 inch long from the ground. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT REMOVE the cylinders plugs from the ground. Let this cylinders plugs remain on top of the soil, as they slowly break down, they return nutrients back to the lawn for rapid use by the grass roots.  

The result should be 8-10 weeks.

     To improve the lawn treatment, it is recommended to:

Aeration is commonly performed when the grass is actively growing. For example, warm-season grasses need aeration in spring when temperatures are rising, and fall aeration when summer's heat is falling. Is not recommended when the temperate is way high, it won't work.


After Aeration